Jumat, 17 Oktober 2014

American Fox Hound Dog Species

American Foxhound is one hound dog species originating from the United States


A person named Robert Brook in 1650 was import a dog of Fox Hound type to America is the beginning history of this species. Its part of the materials and sometimes  this dog describes as English Foxhound, but correctly it is not "dog of the foxhound type that has been imported from the United Kingdom", hair color as well, such as the English Foxhound Tri instead of color, it was black and Tan. Dog that was able to be improved it is sometimes also called from the name of the production's such as Brooke Fox Hound with.

Brooke Fox Hound, but leg had bought a Zurugashi domestic indigenous gray foxes than the late British red fox, look like real English Foxhound is imported when it comes to the 1700s, and at the same time the United Kingdom of the red fox is also imported, Brooke Fox Hound I've no longer can keep up with increasingly on speed and cunning of the foot of the red fox. So improvements that English Foxhound and interbreeding is to improve the situation is to judgment and stamina done was added. Was further improved speed is multiplied by the Irish Hound and Kerry Beagle is a breed of foxhound type that has been imported from Ireland in the 1830s after. In addition to this, such as The Virginian-Fox Hound is a breed of foxhound type of French St. Hound type of dog and Virginia also been crossed, it became the current figure.

Also American Foxhound is one of the UK species and same nobility of dog species that have been created for the sport, it had been very loved by upper-class gentleman. Among them prominent lovers one person in the United States of George Washington is the first president, his both Fox Hound type of dog (French hound that had been kept, both the English Foxhound, is also said to be of Fox Hound hybrid 1 pack) is used for the improvement of the American Foxhound became known and that it has a significant contribution.

This species also like the British species, is used as a professional to do the fox hunting as a sport hunting dog. This applies to hunt is a gray foxes and red fox, and its hybrids. Is carried out hunting in a large pack, until hunting grounds and headed running and chasing after the master riding a horse named Hunter species. Began to search and track the fox of smell as soon as it arrived, it was Shitome is cornered in cooperation with fellow When you discover. It should be noted that, while the dog is search and track the prey, my husband do the follow-up while riding a hunter species.

It should be noted that, although there is a material that has left a description that had been used to search for resisting Native American to Caucasian to around the 17th century, this is that it was a mistake has been found in recent years. Brooke Fox Hound of this species and the species is not a causative is given to search the person, had been used to actually search was found to be was such ancestor species of Katafura Leppard Dog to have.

Still a lot of dogs have been used as a real hound, those that are kept as pets or show dog is very small. Most of the dogs have been bred in the United States, some cases rarely have been kept as such show dog in the country of origin. Individuals that are kept as pets is still Jitsuryo retired dogs (there was no aptitude as a real hound, or retired dogs hound) the many things that was re-training as a home dog.


Compared with the English Foxhound size is slightly smaller, bone mass also body weight is lighter in rather less. If you have a figure that firm muscular, long legs and neck. Ears drooping ears, tail drooping tail. Coat smooth coat, hair color, it is like white-and-tan (hound color) and of black, white and brown 3-color tri-color of. Withers 53~64cm, a large dog of body weight 30~34kg, character's loyal and loving friendly but most brave and hunting instinct. Even for people and dogs outside the family in contact with the friendly, but for small animals and shaggy small dog species pulled the trigger of the hunting instinct, it tends to indiscriminately disappears. For this reason, on such to be breeding with animals and small dogs will either teach that it is not a prey to contact with it since I was a puppy, in the case of real hunting retired dog that was carried out rigorous training, to teach another play to do Te (to look for hiding a favorite food, such as ball play) there is a need. Discipline basically accept from my husband only. Bark sounded well large, endurance is the same very enormous and the British species, 10 ran a few miles of road to go to the hunting grounds, to have the physical strength enough to keep track looking for the smell of fox about then 5 hours there. For this reason it is very difficult to breeding for beginners, it is a genuine hounds. Susceptible to disease there is such a large dog tends to hip dysplasia.